About Us

Western Municipal Water District, formed in 1954, today provides reliable water and wastewater services to retail and wholesale agencies from Corona to Temecula. As a member agency of Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, the state’s largest water supplier, Western receives much of its water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay-Delta and from the Colorado River. The District continues to work to diversify our water portfolio, with desalted groundwater, recycled water and stormwater capture.

Educating our community about where our water comes from is the key to building a life-long awareness of protecting our water resources.

Stemming from school programs, Western promotes water education to all of our customers regardless of age. The District’s comprehensive water education program reaches across ages, demographics and class. Educational programs include a school assembly program, tours, educator resource materials, grants and events.


All of Western’s educational resources are complimentary and available to educators within the retail service area.